The Big Debate

Tempers flare in this month’s Big Debate!


Tempers flared as Westholme’s Big Debate for this half term considered whether or not ‘Abortion is Ever the Answer’.  Many girls spoke with an unshakeable personal conviction borne of positive experiences with a severely disabled sibling, adopted family members or their Christian or Muslim beliefs.  Nevertheless, Alice and Emma fought back with reference to human rights, the age at which a foetus would be able to live independently and a convincing foray into the practices associated with IVF treatment. 

This was Westholme’s fiercest debate yet.  All the main speakers were superb; speakers from the ‘floor’ spoke with passion and the chair people somehow managed to control it all, bringing the discussion to a tense conclusion with an equal number of votes cast for each side until Mr Nicolson gave the casting vote resulting in a narrow win for the opposition.

Speakers for the proposition: Alice Hutchinson and Emma Sharples

Speakers for the opposition:  Olivia Hunter and Claudia Fogarty

Chairpeople: Hannah Connell and Maaham Ahmed