The Big Debate

Are Technological Advancements Beneficial to Today’s Society?

THE BIG DEBATE:   Are Technological Advancements Beneficial to Today’s Society?

Proposition:   Maaham Ahmed and Anna Davies

Opposition:   Antonia Evans and Sadie Thomas

Chairperson:   Abigail Gunn


Antonia and Sadie were always going to have a hard time arguing that technological advances are not advantageous to today’s society given girls’ appreciation of mobile phones, iPods, Google, etc.   Maaham and Anna made their job even more difficult with wide-ranging reference to advances in medicine and optometry which enable us to live healthier lives.   ICT students grappled with the question of what exactly constitutes ”˜technology’ after Dr Watson and Mr Hiller questioned whether the progression of using tools in the Stone Age constituted a technological advancement.   Nevertheless, Sadie and Antonia, encouraged by several floor speakers, considered the impact of technology upon jobs, obesity and social skills as well as recalling a lost ”˜golden age’ of horses and carriages and lack of pollution.

The debate raged fiercely as always but Abigail proved an assertive chair bringing the discussion to a conclusion as follows:

Proposition (technological advancements are beneficial): 13

Opposition (technological advancements are not beneficial): 4

Abstentions: 6