The Gibson Magazine Prize

Mrs Gibson awards the Magazine Prize for 2012

Mrs Elizabeth Gibson, Westholme’s former Head of English, presented the Gibson Magazine Prize in assembly this morning.   The award is presented for the best article submitted by a pupil for entry to the Senior School Magazine.  

Mrs Gibson congratulated everyone who had submitted a piece of work, with particular mentions for the A Midsummer Night’s Dream article, a nicely judged article about labyrinths, a description of an interesting person, and a funny account of how best to write a story.   Mrs Gibson was also amused by ”˜Fourteen Excuses for forgetting your homework’ and ‘Nine Year Olds Really do Know Best!’    

However, following much deliberation, accompanied by cups of tea and biscuits, Mrs Gibson awarded the Magazine Prize to Sixth form students, Sophie Ward and Jade Whittaker for their report on Science Day at Westholme.   It was chosen because of their confident use of language and vocabulary and their detailed, lively account, using well-balanced sentences.

Commended Certificates were awarded to the following students for their excellent contributions:

Beth Keegan for her informative article on Labyrinths

Ellie Fletcher for her lively report onn A Midsummer Night’s Dream  

Henna Sayeed for The Most Interesting Person I Have Ever Met which was engaging and sensitive

Katie Buckley for a funny, well written piece entitled Nine Year Olds Really Do Know Best

Helena Bilsborough for her sophisticated short story based on a photograph

Hasna Ghafoor for an inventive compilation of homework excuses

Annabel Steele, last year’s winner, for another entertaining article, this time on the Hockey Tour