The Great Fire of London

Year 2 enjoy an interactive day of learning

Children in Year 2 have enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London. Yesterday, saw them watch a video of Samuel Pepys, the young MP, who, at the time of the Fire, kept a diary that included the events that took place on the night of the Great Fire. The children thought of questions they would have liked to have asked him and look forward to learning what his answers may have been.

                Samuel Pepys 3  

Today, they had an interactive day of learning, where they dressed up as urchins and took part in themed activities relating to The Great Fire of London. First, they made dough and special 1666 biscuits before learning how to write using a quill and ink. A highlight of the morning was when they were able to act out role play in the specially built house.

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 Earlier this afternoon, Mr Lewis showed the children how to light a fire. After it had been lit, the children were able to cook their bread dough on it using sticks. They all enjoyed eating the bread and the 1666 cakes!

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As part of their studies, the children had made their very own houses out of cereal boxes to make up a Westholme version of Pudding Lane. As the day drew to a close, the children watched as Mrs Sutcliffe set the houses on fire, to replicate the Great Fire.

                   IMG 1266

The children had great fun; it really was a fantastic day of interactive learning.

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