‘The History Man’

Year 2 enjoy a visit from The History Man

Year 2 had an amazing morning learning more details about the Great Fire of London.

IMG 1356 IMG 1369

 Mr Warrell ‘The History Man’ was asleep when the children first arrived in the classroom! He explained to them that he had been fighting the Fire for 4 days and was very tired. He went on to explain what it would have been like to be at the Great Fire and what minimal equipment they would have used.

                           IMG 1421

The most exciting part of the morning was when Mr Warrell showed the children how a little spark would have set the fire alight. It was amazing to see how he lit a spark with flint and steal and how quickly it burnt the wood. Back in the class they looked at all his historical artefacts and had the chance to handle them.

                                IMG 1385

It was a fantastic morning and the children learnt so much more about the fire. In fact, Miss Cole and Mrs Sutcliffe are now going to amaze their family and friends with their new found knowledge about The Great Fire!