The Great Westholme Bake Off – Final!

The final of Westholme’s savoury biscuit competition takes place

The final of the Great Westholme Bake Off took place this afternoon. As the contestants began to bake their savoury biscuits, the pressure was certainly on.

                           Final 004 Final 006

                                                   Final 009

Before too long, delicious smells filled the Home Economics room – just in time for the arrival of our judges. Mr Booth, Mrs Horner and Mrs Ballan took time to speak to each contestant, carefully watching their methods as they did so.

Soon enough, it was time to ‘plate up’ and display their biscuits. Judging certainly proved to be a difficult task – would this new biscuit be a good savoury companion for the infamous Westholme Shortbread? It had to be just the right taste, consistency and size to warrant being eaten with a beverage.

                                      Final 017

Finally, the judges made their decision and congratulations to Year 9 student, Laayan Patel who was announced as the winner. Her prize of Topshop vouchers, kindly donated by our sponsors, Booths Supermarkets, was received with thanks.

                  Final 018

Well done to everyone who entered the competition – and congratulations once again to Laayan! Huge thanks to Booths Supermarkets for sponsoring the event and indeed to our judges, Mr Booth, Mrs Horner and Mrs Ballan. Mrs Ballan will now use Layaan’s recipe to start producing the new Westholme Cracker.