Thinking skills

Prizes for thinking skills

Three children in Year Two at Billinge House received prizes today presented by Mrs Covill.  

Over the course of the Year, Mrs Covill has been working with all of Year Two to develop their thinking skills, through a variety of multi-sensory activities.   The children have enjoyed an outdoor sensory hunt, constellation designing, creating moon diaries and team challenges to name but a few of the very popular activities.   During these activities, the children have been collecting golden tickets for their participation, thinking skills and independent learning.

This morning Mrs Covill awarded a prize to Hamayal Azam for the greatest amount of golden tickets accrued over the year.   Two additional prizes were awarded to William Weisters and Zuhaira Issa.    Well done to all of the children in Year Two and thank you to Mrs Covill for all of her hard work and energy with the project!