This Week in…Sport

At the Prep School, our focus for the rest of this term is ‘fun’, and what a lot of fun we have been having!

This week at Infants we have been looking at balancing whilst moving, and the Juniors have enjoyed being back on the pitches for both netball and football. The sound of fun and laughter on the pitches and courts has once again filled the school sites with joy. We have been racing, chasing, throwing, passing and the children have worked hard to not only improve their skills but also to apply them into competitive games.

At the Senior School we have continued with plenty of games in PE lessons and kick-ball rounders has brought out the competitive side in many of the year groups. We have also been having fun and games in the swimming pool and my highlight of the week was the high scoring, and eventful Year 8 water polo match that took place on Thursday. In games lessons, pupils have played mini tournaments in different sports and for the Year 7’s it was their first experience of rugby since starting at the school.