Nativity Time!

Retelling the Christmas Story

The children in Nursery & Pre School gave a wonderful performance of ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ at the Nursery and Infant School. They delighted the audience with their beautiful acting and singing and their parents watched on proudly as they presented their interpretation of the Christmas story. 

IMG 1216  IMG 1181   

The ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ story begins with a group of children making a birthday card to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. The children then start to draw Christmas trees on the card and this is a perfect link for the children to understand the modern festivities and how they relate to the birth of Jesus. They start to draw some fairy lights on the tree and this links to the stars in the sky on the night Jesus was born.

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The children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 were shining stars as they captivated the audience with their performance of ‘Follow the Star’ in the Croston Theatre.

 147B5909  147B5919

The story takes place at the palace of the Three Kings when they and their many helpers spot the much awaited star outside. Once they have woken up the grumpy camels, they all depart without delay in one big procession to follow the star. The little stars that surround the big star decide they don’t want to be left out so they follow the big star too.



The pupils thoroughly enjoyed being on the stage and their wonderful Nativities brought the Christmas spirit to Westholme!