‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

‘Tis the season to be jolly…’

Last week I posted ……..

Job Description – Principal
“Wanted – a miracle worker who can do more with less, pacify rival groups, tolerate low levels of support from some, process large volumes of paperwork and work double shifts. You will have carte blanche to innovate but cannot spend much money, replace or upset anyone.”

This week……. more accurately

Job Description – Principal
A dream job where the successful candidate will have the privilege of shaping the lives of 100’s of young people, giving them boundless opportunities and helping them fulfil their aspirations. Laughing daily and being regularly entertained are integral parts of the job. There will be countless opportunities to sing and dance on stage, shake hands and congratulate successful students and meet new people every week.

You will lead a talented and dedicated staff team who want the best for all children in their care. The support of the parents and governors is strength of the school in all respects. Hard work is essential but the rewards are immeasurable and yet visible every day in classrooms, in lessons, on stage, the sports field and beyond. Resilience, innovation, commitment, compassion, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour are essential qualities.

We have reached the end of term …. carol singing, mince pies, advent candle lighting, house plays, fancy dress sport, Christmas dinner, pantomimes, secret parties and even a visit from Father Christmas at Billinge House – what a fantastic few weeks! I shook hands with Santa and have even danced on stage dressed as a sheep – can any job offer such variety I wonder? Hence my tongue in cheek review of the Principal’s role.

It has been a busy and fast paced term throughout and December has been no different. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff teams on all sites for their hard work and commitment this term; to the teachers and assistants for inspiring learning and to the invaluable support staff who ensure that school runs smoothly, day in day out. The latter are often our unsung heroes! Thank you to all the boys and girls for keeping us all on our toes – it has been a pleasure getting to know them, from the youngest at just 2 years old, through to our splendid Sixth Form role models. Finally thanks to our parents for their support and for entrusting us with the precious gift of your child’s education.

I have had a wonderful first term at Westholme. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday – Merry Christmas and health, peace and good wishes for 2014.

Lynne M Horner
20 December 2013