Together Under One Roof

Bowland, Calder, Pendle, Longridge 

As the eagerly anticipated annual House Christmas Plays approach, the Heads of House delivered a lively assembly to highlight the importance of the House System at Westholme.

At Senior School, all staff and students are allocated to one of the four Houses; Bowland, Calder, Longridge or Pendle and throughout the year, there are numerous inter-House activities where competition is fierce but friendly and age is irrelevant as pupils and staff support their House. The video below humourously depicts how the members of each House bring different strengths, talents and skills that should all be celebrated.


The final message of the assembly was that, even though we are all in separate Houses, we are ultimately one Westholme family and the crest that has been created demonstrates that notion with the Latin motto translating to mean “We are all Houses together under one roof”.

 Combined Crest