Tower Challenge

As part of National Careers Week, students were invited to take part in the Tower Challenge. They were tasked with building the highest free standing structure that could support the weight of a golf ball. They were given the following resources:

1 stationery pack, 1 newspaper, 5 pieces of card, 1 golf ball and 30 straws.

Rules the teams had to follow were:

The structure must not be fixed to the desk, the golf ball must not be fixed to the structure and the golf ball must be held within 20cm of the top of the tower. They could use any of the items within their packs.

Teams battled it out to succeed and the winners with a tower measuring 59.5cm were a Year 11 team made up of, Rebecca Burke, Amir Hafeji, Zaid Ahmed and Joseph Pringle.

After the challenge, students reflected on what skills they had used, how their team had performed overall and what could they improve. What a fun and important learning experience! Thank you to Mrs Hibberd for organising the challenge.