Trip to Conwy Castle

Year 7 pupils visit Conwy Castle in North Wales

Year 7 pupils visit Conwy Castle in North Wales on Friday 22nd November as part of their historical studies into life in Medieval times. Pupils have been learning about the defensive features of castles such as Gatehouses, Drawbridges and Barbicans in their history lessons. Conwy is a formidable fortress and the most wonderful example of a castle for pupils to visit.

They were guided round the castle by experts and told about murder holes and boiling oil as well as more mundane things like eating and sleeping in a medieval castle. It was a very cold day but we all imagined how cosy it must have been in front of the massive fires drinking medieval beer! We all decided that our plan to attack Conwy Castle would be a ‘mission impossible’.

DSC00122 DSC00111

Pupils also very much enjoyed walking on the best preserved Medieval town walls in Europe and surprised to find Britain’s smallest house by the quayside.


The day was a great success, we all learnt lots about life in Medieval times and had good fun too- what a great history lesson!