Under the spotlight

Year 11 Drama students face their end of course practical exam

Forty two Year 11 Drama students faced their end of course practical examination this week with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

They had nothing to fear, as the AQA moderator could not have been more impressed. The pieces covered a variety of styles: high comedy with a parody of the board game Cluedo, a satirical examination of high school life, ‘The Choice’, an incisive view of schizophrenia, ‘Friend or Foe’, a physical theatre piece based on the novel ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, a promenade piece set in an asylum and finally, ‘Stars’, an extremely powerful and moving drama based on the events leading to the Holocaust.


Several girls chose technical design as an option and we were treated to some fantastic make-up, lighting and stage management presentations.

A huge congratulation to all involved and a big thank you to the staff: Miss Roberts; Mrs Martin; Mr Oracz; Mr Scott.