Upper Sixth Stand Down 2020

Stand Down 2020

This week would have been the Stand Down for our Upper Sixth students, when we would normally have a whole school assembly to celebrate their time at Westholme and wish them the best in their forthcoming A Level examinations.

It was an emotional day in March when, after the government’s decision to close schools, students were told that their final day had been forced upon them prematurely. I was proud of their maturity and understanding to see the bigger picture regarding the global climate and our need to protect each other. Nevertheless, this unprecedented early departure was a shock and it was certainly an emotional day as the realization began to sink in. In what was a very rushed ‘goodbye’, shirts were signed, food was shared and hugs were exchanged, with thanks given to and from staff and students alike.

However, we couldn’t let that be the end and let their contributions to school go uncelebrated. Through modern technology we have all been fortunate that we have a means of communication and can see each other, albeit not in person; we can now thank technology again, as it allows us to share our video dedications to the class of 2020.

As the Upper Sixth will testify, I was able to give a speech to the year group on that final day, moments before we all left school for the last time. I am happy to now share parts of that speech again with you all, alongside dedications from a few others and music, photos and videos to commemorate you as a wonderful year group.

Thank you class of 2020 for everything you have given to Westholme School. It was our pleasure to have you in our Sixth Form and we now wish you all the best in every endeavor.

Kind regards

Mr J Oracz

Head of Sixth Form

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Find out more about this year’s virtual StandDown for our Upper Sixth students here on our website: https://buff.ly/2zsfAjw