Volcano Model Competition

Volcano Model Winners

All Year 9 geographers worked extremely hard over the Easter holidays constructing volcano models.   The standard was exceptionally high and the Geography Department would like to thank Year 9 pupils for making such a huge effort and dedicating so much time to this project.

For this challenging task, the girls had to research and produce a fact file on their chosen volcano and then make an educational, labelled model.   The finalists’ volcanoes on showed creativity, ingenuity and originality.   Pupils were very inventive and chose volcanoes from a variety of continents and even other planets!   Some models had hinges for them to open up to reveal internal structures.  

Congratulations to the following Year 9 pupils

First Place – Briony Pay (9L)

Briony’s volcano model was a version of Mount Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica.   This incredible model had a red light inside the magma chamber and a blue light in the ice cave.   Mount Erebus is an active volcano, a staggering 3,794 metres high and has been erupting continuously since 1972.   It boasts one of the few long-lived lava lakes on this planet. This amazing model was skilfully constructed from polystyrene.  

Joint 2nd Place

Holly Miller (9L) – White Island, off the coast of New Zealand

Grace Rawlinson (9S) – Qizing Mountain, Taiwan, China

Joint 3rd Place

Poppy Ashworth (9W) – Krakatoa

Rebecca Vose (9S) – Cotapaxi, Ecuador, South America

Highly Commended

Jessica Palmer, Alicia Pursnani, Jade Scully, Pippa Sloan, Molly Walker, Emilie Hughes, Megan Hunter, Gabriela Sharp, Megan Holland, Lily Ingram, Sophie Lamb, Flora Robson, Alicia Stebbings


Hibah Ahmad, Katie Greenall, Kathryn Jaitly, Menahel Sajjad, Emily Winter, Lucy Baxter, Sophie Thomas