Votes for Children!

Voting to select School Council members takes place at Billinge House

Over the course of the past  week, Reception, Year One and Year Two children have been finding out about what a school council is and what the role of a school councillor entails.   Each child decided whether he or she wanted to be put forward for election and voting in all classes commenced.   The children though about who would make a suitable representative, able to listen to the views of others, discuss with the class, take ideas to the meetings and report back.  

In Friday’s assembly,  Mrs Bolton announced the results of the poll to the school.   Congratulations to:

RW – Sophia Mohsan
RS – Cameron Horsfield
1W – Katy Ninan
1S – Ella Govier
2W- Isobel Fraser and Oliver Waldron
2S- Antonia Argentino and Ethan Coleman
2H- Aryaan Chowdhury and Charlotte Naylor

The new councillors are looking forward to their first meeting in Mrs Bolton’s office at 11am on Monday.