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What people say

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Here are some of comments we have received from the parents of Junior School about how their children have settled in:

“We are very happy with the move. Our son is working and playing hard and achieving well. He thoroughly enjoys having all boys in the class and has already made some good friends. We look forward to a happy future at Westholme Junior School.”

“Our daughter spent the summer holidays in eager anticipation of starting at Westholme, the only trepidation felt by her parents! Obviously, we needn’t have worried because you have exceeded all expectations. She immediately felt welcomed and integrated within days. There is not a single aspect of the school that she has ever expressed any disappointment or displeasure with, or anxiety about”.

“We feel that there is a higher focus on school performance at Westholme; it feels as though there is a full investment in the children that attend.”

“I love the way the children and teachers have respect for each other like they are on the same wave length and each teacher knows every child individually.”

“I only wish we could stop time and keep the girls in your lovely protective bubble a little longer.  Obviously, we can’t and they will continue to grow into beautiful and confident young ladies, but because of you and your wonderful team, they will do that with strong, secure roots”.

“We would like to say thank you very much for transforming our daughter into a happy, confident girl who has re-discovered the joy of learning and who is immensely pleased and proud to be at Westholme. From the moment she stepped off the coach on her first day as a ‘proper’ Westholmer, she felt that she belonged and has seized the many opportunities that her wonderful school offers. Mrs Hayton, our daughter says you are apparently, the ‘best ever teacher!’