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Co – Curricular And Enrichment

Outdoor education, clubs and adventures reinforce Westholme’s core values of character, teamwork, problem solving, leadership and resilience. Experiences as wide and varied as possible are a cornerstone of the Westholme ethos. We believe in offering our pupils the time to find their talents, the opportunity to explore their passions, the experiences which develop their understanding, the activities to enjoy and the support to excel. Our Co-Curricular programme is rich and extensive.

Trips which directly enhance the curriculum, or those which are deigned to be challenging and fun run throughout the year – locally and internationally. By taking pupils off-site they have the opportunity to undergo experiences not available in the classroom. Educational visits help develop pupils’ investigative skills and encourage independence.

Clubs run by staff and the pupils themselves occur every day of the week and range from the expected to the extreme. Across all subjects areas from Drama to Maths, Music to Engineering, Art to Sport and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Westholme pupils are encouraged to think beyond their boundaries and take pleasure in challenging themselves, working as team and developing leadership skills alongside their studies.

Co – Curricular Timetables

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