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Head of Year 7

Mrs M Law

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Transition to Senior School at Westholme
The transition to Senior School is an extremely important time for students, both in terms of academic achievement and building the “whole” person. In addition to making a good effort in their lessons, all students are encouraged to join in with the wide range of clubs and activities that we are lucky enough to offer here at Westholme School. We encourage students to join in at least three activities a week and to try something new. The students that put the most into Westholme, get the most out of it!

How can I help my child on their Year 7 journey?
Be Positive – encourage the excitement and anticipation. We know that we will be expecting them to cope at senior School with a whole variety of new experiences and changes; many require new skills and abilities that they have not needed to use before. We do not expect these skills to develop overnight and our experienced pastoral staff will be on hand to guide them along the way. Please support your child in developing these skills – a useful rule of thumb is ‘never do anything for your child that they can do for themselves’.

Be supportive – acknowledge any anxiety and seek to address concerns. What we think as adults is a small, insignificant matter can be a major concern to an eleven year old! Please listen to your child, help them to put their concerns into perspective and then, if you feel it is necessary, alert us. Our survey shows that the two top worries of the children joining us in Year 7 are not making friends and not coping with the organisational demands that will be placed upon them. Please tell your child that although these are common worries, when we speak to children after a week or two, these are no longer concerns. We are fully aware of the anxieties of Year 7 students and have a carefully planned induction programme. Be prepared for friendship groups to swap and change as your child meets new people who have similar interests to themselves. Encourage your child, as we will, to be friends with everyone – you can never have too many friends!

Communication – We know that parents feel they are not as ‘involved’ once their child goes to Senior School, we all want to encourage the pupils to develop independence, but please, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns. We will keep you updated with regards to your child’s effort and attainment throughout the year via our ‘Welcome to Westholme’ evening, assessment cards and parents’ evenings. However, if you have any queries, please contact me on hornbyc@westholmeschool.com or alternatively contact me via the main switchboard.

Mrs M Law
Head of Year 7
Teacher of Business Studies and Economics
PSHE Coordinator