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All students learn French for one lesson a week in Year 7.  They begin to develop the four key skills on listening, reading, speaking and writing and there is a focus on phonics and pronunciation in the first term.  Topics include: describing yourself and others, school and free time and students learn basic grammatical structures such as the present tense formation and adjectival agreements.  Students can choose to continue with French in Years 8 and 9 and will have two lessons a week.

In Year 9, students begin the Edexcel GCSE course and follow the Pearson Studio Foundation course.  Over the year, we cover core grammatical structures such as the perfect (past) and future tenses and we introduce strategies which promote a higher level of thinking skills and use of more complex language.  Students can choose to continue with French to GCSE level.

Years 10-11 (GCSE)

Exam board: Edexcel

In Year 10, lessons are aimed at the Higher Tier course and in lessons we work on the four key skill areas required for the GCSE examination.  There are four terminal examinations which are all worth 25% (listening, speaking, reading and writing).  The topics covered are:

Identity and Culture

Local area, holidays and travel


Future aspirations, study and work

International and global dimension

Students have three lessons per week.  In lessons, students learn a wide range of vocabulary, structures and tenses to allow them to express themselves confidently in both spoken and written form whilst being able to understand the language too.


Year 7 and 8 students have the chance to visit Paris on the biennial French trip.

(Remove French play as we haven’t been able to host it for the last few years and don’t have one booked at the moment).