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At Westholme, we consider pastoral care to be most important, because we believe that if a child is happy, safe and secure they are more likely to do well in their lessons, exams and wider activities.

The positive relationship between staff and students has long been a feature of Westholme and each student is well known to staff members ensuring they achieve their best in all areas of school life.

Positive relationships extend between the student body. The result is pupils who are respectful of one another, kind and generous and work together in an environment where they can be themselves and know they’ll be accepted for it.

Heads of Year

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Before and After School Care

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Each pupil belongs to one of 4 houses which dictate their form groupings. These are Pendle (yellow), Longridge (red), Calder (blue) and Bowland (Green). Each year group has a Head of Year who has overall responsibility for the year group and works closely with the form tutors. The Heads of Year have regular meetings with the Form Tutors, liaise with academic staff and often meet with the students individually so that they have a very clear picture of how they are progressing. All of this is overseen by Mrs Gough (Deputy Head Pastoral). Mrs Gough has a wealth of experience having been head of several year groups, most recently Year 7 and has managed the transition from Prep to Seniors. Please note, Mrs Gough is currently on maternity leave as of January 2023 – her duties will be covered by Mrs Hornby.

The house system plays an important role at Westholme, uniting pupils of all ages in academic and extra-curricular activities. Staff are also allocated a house so the activities are often marked by a healthy competitiveness!

In the INSPIRED Sixth Form, the forms are made up of Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth students and they are looked after by the same Form Tutor for two years, as well as the Head of INSPIRED Sixth Form. They provide support and advice on A levels and, with the assistance of our Careers Advisor and Form Tutors, helps them to choose a career path. We also give individual guidance on a variety of courses and university choices at this crucial time.

Looking after your Child

The School Nurse deals with the health needs of the whole school community including the physical and emotional wellbeing of every child attending school. She is the first point of contact for any medical problems your child may have. The medical room can be visited by students outside of lesson times where she is available to offer support and advice to all students.

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