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Heads of Year 11

Year 11 marks an important stage in achieving a strong GCSE foundation for your transition to A-level and subsequent further education. Students are fortunate this year to be looked after by two Heads of Year, Mrs Rigby and Mr Cornwall who are excited to work with you all throughout your final year of GCSE.

This year will move quickly, and it is your responsibility to utilise the support and clinics on offer throughout your studies. Whilst your mock exams in January seem far away at the minute you must approach each lesson with determination and resilience in order to achieve the best possible outcome. At points during Year 11 you will undoubtedly face personal, social and academic challenges. It is how you present yourself and deal with these challenges that will shape your future achievements. It is essential that you complete all tasks to the best of your ability and approach each day with a ‘can do’ attitude.  You need to allow sufficient time to complete tasks in order to avoid putting yourself under additional unwanted stress. Whilst your studies are important, it is key that you ensure you balance your time appropriately so that you have time to enjoy time away from learning, taking part in the weekly co-curricular activities in your down time as well as the plethora of school trips.

We are fortunate to be supported by a very experienced and enthusiastic Form Tutor team. They should be the first port of call for students and, on occasions, for parents if you have any concerns.  However, if you need to contact Mrs Rigby or Mr Cornwall please see the email contact below. Alternatively, you can contact both via the main switchboard.

Mr Cornwall – cornwallr@westholmeschool.com

Mrs Rigby née Parkinson – parkinsonb@westholmeschool.com