Westholme Debating Competition

Westholme hosts its second Debating Competition

The ‘Westholme Debating Competition’ was arguably an outstanding event. Schools from all over Lancashire fought a war of words over whether ‘free speech’ should be absolute. The standard was incredibly high making it very difficult for the judges (staff, governors and sixth formers) to decide the winning teams in the first round. The focus of the competition was content and substance over style, encouraging students to engage in a contest of ideas and defending their ideas to critical scrutiny. But it was evident that all of the competitors clearly possessed style and substance.

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 Our Westholme students chaired the debates confidently and articulately. Both Hannah Patel and Katie Goodier performed their roles, as chairpersons, incredibly well in the final, which provided a nail biting finish to the day. Additionally, it was lovely to see students from Years 11 and above working with staff and governors to decide the winning teams.

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Undoubtedly, the winning team, Bowland High School, deserved to be awarded the trophy and crowned the winners of the ‘Westholme Debating Competition 2013’.