Westholme’s proud catering tradition

Westholme’s superb lunches!

Westholme School is proud of its catering provision for its pupils and staff.   All Westholme meat is supplied by Brendan Anderton Butchers Ltd, situated in the heart of the Ribble Valley.     All Brendan’s meat is sourced from accredited, local farms and he is proud that his family business has a dedicated team of skilled Master  Butchers.

We would like to reassure everyone that Westholme does not buy beef or chicken  products which are processed.   All of the produce bought, including meat, fruit, dairy  and vegetables are locally purchased and of the best quality.   We would like to emphasize that  all of our home-made mince products (eg. lasagne) are made from Anderton’s best minced steak, rather than minced beef.  

Westholme School is proud of its tradition for excellence in catering.