Westholmians vote for a ‘Green Future’

The ‘Big Debate’

Four Year 9 pupils were presented with the opportunity to participate in a ‘Big Debate’ at Westholme School on Wednesday 18th June. Pupils were debating the motion ‘This House believes that properly harnessed, renewable resources can supply all our energy needs.’

They rose to the challenge debating a topic that is part of the GCSE Physics syllabus. Arguing for the motion was Hasna Ghafoor and Megan Collins; arguing against the motion was Amaani Ahmed and Ramsha Hussain. The speeches presented were strong and robust, fielding questions with confidence and determination.

Judging the debate was Mrs Peers and Doctor Watson, whilst the Sixth Form students, Hannah Patel and Olivia Ball, chaired the debate with skill. The final result was a victory for the proposition. It seems that Westholme pupils believe that a future with renewable sources supplying our energy needs is a real possibility.