Westies – The New Team

2017-2018 – the story continues

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Our very own in-school business, Westies, has improved massively since the start of the school year! We have recruited 6 new Lower Sixth members: Shuresh, Ben, Tilly, Harriette, Hannah and Lewis to accompany the 9 Upper Sixth members that have stayed on from last year: Chloe, Rumi, Charlotte, Dan, Ben, Emma, Holly, Leoni and Baylie.

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Additionally, fourteen Year 9 students have volunteered to work for Westies at lunch times which will help improve their confidence in speaking, serving others and gives them a new life skill to help them to be more outgoing in the future.

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Westies have also sold things for charity such as selling for Children in Need and Project Linus. The team have collectively thought about what they sell to make sure that the products are ethical. House T-Shirts have been in trend as for the first time, all Year 7’s have purchased a House T-Shirt.

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We have also brought back the ‘Westies Christmas Baubles’ which were very popular last year, to get the school in the mood for the joyous period of Christmas! Staff promotions on greeting cards are also a new feature in Westies which we think will both benefit the staff and also the business. Furthermore, we have now got an online account with our trusted suppliers, Bookers.

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Finally, the first financial reports will be given to Mrs Davenport in a weeks’ time!

(Article written by Shuresh Ghanbari-Saheli)