What’s been happening at Billinge House?

A busy week at Billinge House


The children at Billinge House have been busy little bees over the past week.

Maths has proved to be an interesting subject this week each year group have been learning how to think critically and to explore practical Maths who said Maths wasn’t fun?

Children in Reception have been busy indoors and out they have been baking bread as part of their Harvest topic and have also been on the hunt for Autumn treasures do you like what they found?

As part of their healthy eating topic, Year One have been making smoothies for their class in their very own smoothie bar. They have all enjoyed tasting exotic fruits and making a fruit salad…Yum!

Finally, Year Two have also been enjoying learning inside and out they have been getting to grips with confidence building and team work activities and have also been making their favourite sandwich!

They had a very TASTY lesson as part of their homework, the children had to prepare the ingredients to make a healthy sandwich in class. They have been talking about the different groups of food which are important to keep their bodies healthy.

So, with great enthusiasm, the children made up their sandwiches. There was a whole range of bread that would have made Mr Warburton very proud, lots of fillings and they even managed two varieties of salad in each sandwich. The children thought they were the best sandwiches ever made and even managed to save some for their families!

What a busy week at Billinge House!