What we eat

Thomas Franks work with our catering team to deliver delicious fresh food from local, family-owned suppliers, to ensure our children have nutritious and flavoursome meals. They provide all of Westholme’s food, including breakfast, morning breaks, lunches and suppers, as well as catering for hospitality events.

Every day the menus include a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles to ensure that the students receive a balanced diet and learn about a wide range of foods. They feature a superb array of delicious soups, wholesome main courses and interesting puddings, plus a wide range of fresh salads and fruit. Freshly baked bread, Thomas Franks’ signature offering, will be another welcome addition.

The menus are planned by the Thomas Franks’ development chefs, with assistance from their company nutritionist, to meet the specific needs of the pupils so that they can focus on achieving their best, whether in the classroom or on the sports field.

Children with special dietary needs receive a freshly made, modified version of the main menu. Parents who have questions or concerns about allergens or any aspect of nutrition may call upon the expertise of the Thomas Franks’ company nutritionist, Julia Hayes.

Lunch time at Westholme is an important part of the school day and we are proud to provide a such an excellent menu for our students.