Who Newt?

DNA fingerprinting of Scottish newts

Who indeed knew that the DNA of newts could be so engaging? Deputy Head girl, Sophie Ward, was fortunate to secure a place at Salford University to complete a four week research project into the DNA fingerprinting of Scottish newts over the summer. She presented her findings today to an appreciative audience of staff and pupils in one of our Physics laboratories. The lead researcher left Sophie to work independently for much of the time and her initiative and sense of purpose meant that she exceeded his expectations. Sophie found that even the more challenging aspects of the research, from extracting the DNA from the eggs to actually building the DNA strands, were well within her capabilities. She hopes to further her studies at Oxford, reading Biomedical Sciences, with her sights set on a career in medicine or medical research. Mr Hiller, Head of Science, said, “Sophie is an outstanding science student. She has foresight to look ahead at the potential outcomes and can work at a significant pace, whilst still maintaining accuracy. We are all very proud of her work so far and we predict a bright future ahead.”