WISPA Performance

quiz night

A fantastic performance of Aesop’s Fables by the cast of WISPA

We were delighted to welcome our Year 4 WISPA students to the Westholme Theatre last night for an evening of Aesop’s Fables.


It was hard to believe that the confident, articulate and impressive young actors and actresses on stage were but the tender age of 8! They had worked extremely hard with Miss Strickland, Miss Rimmer and Mrs Lofthouse to produce a beautiful musical play, full of wit, charm and emotion.


The famous old tales of the hare and the tortoise, the sun versus the wind, the bending reeds, the wolf in sheep’s clothing  and the price of pride were all vividly brought to life to the delight of the audience. Both Aesop characters were erudite and sage, and guided us through the stories brilliantly.  


Every child had a vital part to play in bringing the production to life and it was clear to see how much they were enjoying themselves and what a great support they were to each other.


As Mrs Laverick commented at the end of the evening, that was the main message. As worker ants beaver away together and bees create a hive, unbelievable results can be achieved through teamwork. It was heartening to see it in action!


Well done to everyone involved in a wonderful WISPA evening.

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