WISPA Production

WISPA Production of Mulan

Year 4 girls & boys came together in a wonderful collaboration to produce WISPA’S exceptional version of Mulan.  A full Westholme theatre was transported back to ancient China, complete with ancesters, traditions and Huns!  We watched, entranced as a variety of different, but equally talented Mulans & Mushus came alive on stage.

The message was that bravery and being true to ones’ inner self will always lead you on the right path, and Mulan deservedly saved the day.  The diction, comic timing, singing and dancing were all superb from the extensive cast and it was clear to see how hard the WISPA team had worked.  The children involved are only 8 and 9 years old and their confidence was amazing. 

Special thanks to Mrs Daley, Miss Neville and Mr Harrison for their encouragement and imagination.  There was no need to “keep ’em guessin’ ” any longer – we came, we saw and we thoroughly enjoyed!