Perfect Performance

The cast of WISPA shine on the Westholme stage

The cast of WISPA thoroughly entertained audience goers as they performed their version of The Aristocats to family and friends in the Croston Theatre.

IMG 0001 IMG 0074

 The storyline was a showcase for the Year 4 girls’ and boys’ wide ranging talents and the whole cast interpreted the story well with a great mix of humour, action, song and dance.

                 IMG 0018 IMG 0103

As always, the main character roles were shared which allowed more children to take part and it was pleasing to see how well they all supported each other. From the cool alley cat, Thomas O Malley, to the Duchess, her Butler, Edgar and the gaggling geese, all the children acting out their roles with confidence.

                          IMG 0043

It was evident that the whole cast, directed superbly by Mrs Daley and Mr Harrison, had put an enormous amount of effort into making such a perfect performance – well done to everyone!

       IMG 9888