Wonderful WISPA!

A fabulous evening of entertainment in the Croston Theatre

The cast of WISPA put on a spectacular evening of high quality entertainment for a packed Croston Theatre of parents, supporters and friends. Hansel and Gretel was an amazing showcase for the Year 4 girls’ and boys’ extensive talents. The show, from the very outset, was characterised by colour, amazing scenery and pure energy. From the birds, in their brightly coloured leggings to the talking trees and bungling gang of robbers; the scene was set and the audience knew they were in for a treat.

IMG 2163 IMG 2184

                   IMG 2177

The main character roles were shared, to allow for more of the children to take part and they truly supported each other with real spirit. The cast interpreted the story incredibly well and took the audience on a wonderful journey of music, dance, comic timing and action. The wicked stepmother and old woman provided great humour for the audience. It was clear to see how much hard work had been put in by all the children and staff team behind them.

                  IMG 2176

IMG 2260 IMG 2190

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Huge congratulations must go to everyone involved in making this a truly wonderful WISPA performance. These young performers are just at the young age of 8 and 9 – stars to watch out for in the future for certain!

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