Year 1 assembly

Year 1 perform their special assembly, ‘Bigger, Better’

Year One have   enjoyed performing their Spring Assembly entitled ‘Bigger, Better’ to the whole of Billinge House as well as their families.

The show took us on a journey, led by Fairy Isobel, in which the children collect messages to help them make choices.

The Family

On the way they visit a Transport Zone where they learn about the invention of the wheel, a Toy Zone which reminds them of the work they have done in history, a Fitness Zone where they are reminded about healthy lifestyles and a Building Zone where they learn about the importance of building on firm foundations.


                                                               The Transport Zone                                                                                             The Toy Zone

Through all this they realise that all you need is love.


                                                                            The Fitness Zone                                                                                               The Building Zone

The audience  were wowed by their clear speaking and fabulous singing.

Well done Year One and Happy Easter!