Year 11 Leavers

The final farewell as Year 11 students stand down

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There were celebrations and a party atmosphere as the Year 11 leavers enjoyed a special assembly to mark their last official day in this year group. 

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It was especially poignant as this was the first year group of boys to stand down in Westholme’s history. 


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The students were treated to a fabulous buffet and had the chance to reminisce and sign each others’ year books, whilst music played and old photographs of the students from the archives were shown on a presentation. 

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There were tears and laughter, and quite a few selfies taken with friends, before Mrs Moore handed out certificates to students for awards nominated by their teachers.  

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The individual classes then took to the stage to perform their final act for their fellow students, much to the amusement of everyone.

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Good luck to all of the students with their exams and in the future wherever it may lead them!