Year 12 Biology field trip to Blencathra

The A level Biology field trip is always a highlight of the year, for teachers and students alike.  Year 12 have recently spent 2 days in the picturesque Lake District, near Keswick, at the Blencathra Field Studies Centre.  The buildings were formerly a sanatorium but now modernised, they offer fantastic tuition, food and accommodation, with amazing views of the hills and lakes.  Blencathra Centre gets its water from freshwater springs, it generates its own hydroelectric power and has a biomass heating system.

This intensive Ecology course is for studying and carrying out ecological sampling techniques and the statistical analysis of data, as part of their A level studies.

Fortunately, despite overnight downpours, the weather during the day was warm and dry, as the majority of the work was done outside, studying freshwater ecology, bracken distribution, mark-release-recapture techniques and succession on a lithosere.

All of the students were impeccably behaved and they worked enthusiastically and tirelessly and most importantly they enjoyed themselves immensely.

Miss Incerti

Head of Biology