Year 3 Greek Day

The children in Year 3 had fun celebrating Greek day last week. They have been learning about Ancient Greece throughout the term, finding out about the culture, food and Greek myths.

The classroom was decorated with vibrant displays of Greek columns and vines and the children have been creating their own mythical characters and stories.

A grand entrance was made when they started the day with an Olympics opening ceremony, carrying the traditional torch and commemorating the symbolic fire.

In the afternoon, parents joined the children who dressed up in traditional costume – wearing togas – and enjoyed a wonderful Greek banquet. They ate olives, feta cheese and houmous.

The three Greek teams named Sparta, Corinth and Athens and their parents took part in a modelling challenge which involved building a replica of the Parthenon made out of paper.

The day finished off with an outstanding Olympics closing ceremony, where the Olympic flame was extinguished before the winners received a traditional laurel wreath.

Year 3 children had a super day!