Year 3 Trip – Meet the Mummy

Year 3 had a great day on Thursday when they went to Liverpool World Museum to ‘Meet the Mummy!’ This trip was a great end to a fantastic topic on the Ancient Egyptians.

The children were amazed at actually seeing an Egyptian Mummy in real life and were fascinated by all the different artefacts.

They then had a hands on experience at mummifying a body with help from the 2 chief embalmers Safaa and Eesa and this was overseen by Anubis Jacob the jackal headed priest! Everyone else including Mrs Rogerson got a chance to pull out the vital organs and help prepare the body. We must have done a good job because the body then went onto ‘The Afterlife’.

After lunch the children had a chance to have a look round all the other exhibits which included the planetarium, dinosaurs, bugs and aquarium.

The children chatted all the way home about what they had seen and both Mrs Rogerson and Mrs Sutcliffe were very proud and amazed at the questions they both asked and answered. The highlight of the trip was definitely seeing the brains being removed from the nose by a hook and the other vital organs being pulled out!

Well done Year 3 – now onto learning about Ancient Greece.