Year 3

We are so excited to let you know all about learning this half of term. We have worked incredibly hard and know Mrs Sutcliffe is proud of each and everyone of us and that she is also so thankful for having a class of wonderful, supportive parents too.

We have all taken to Teams easily and become experts at joining online lessons all day, muting ourselves, using the chat function for quick fire answers which we love especially when it’s competition time.

In maths, we are now becoming much more confident adding and subtracting using column addition. We can even carry numbers into the hundreds column now. In English, we have been learning to set out a letter correctly so that we can write to our favourite author. We hope, with fingers crossed, we may get a reply back but we know how busy they are at the moment writing new books for us to read.

Our Geography lessons have sent us all around the world! This week we have come back home to the United Kingdom and we are now looking at counties of England in the North, East, South and West. So if you are ever lost on a journey around England, just let us know!

Eisaa, Eesa’Ali and Yusuf have been teaching us all they know about the religion of Islam. They found lots of information to share with us. They made brilliant teachers!

The best lessons ever have been our history lessons about Ancient Egypt. Over the last few weeks, we have learnt all about the art of Mummification. We had a brilliant lesson at school mummifying Elodie….although she was a bit wriggly and kept laughing! At home, we set out all the equipment we would need. Mrs Sutcliffe was really impressed at how organised we were and thinks we will make amazing surgeons in a hospital, although some of us didn’t like to think about the process of removing the brain. In science, we have been learning all about the human body so this came in handy when we needed to find the different organs!

We chose our body, which was a teddy or a doll, and mummified them – even pretending to take out their brain and other vital organs. Eisaa even made a death mask to put on his body! At the end we used toilet roll to wrap up our bodies. Jack loved wrapping up his own mum and Elsie enjoyed mummifying her Grandma. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs of our special day. Mia has enjoyed researching where the ‘mummies’ were put in the pyramids. She decided to study The Pyramid of Giza and made a cake of it. It looked fantastic.

We are feeling a bit sad though now because we have nearly finished learning all about Ancient Egypt and we will then fly to Ancient Greece.

We have shown our artistic talents too over the last few weeks. We have studied our own houses really closely and drawn them. Please have a look at the photographs to see all the detail we have used.

We have all enjoyed the other lessons led by specialist. We have kept fit in PE, carried on playing the recorder in music, learnt to program in ICT and Madame Silvester has taught us colours, parts of the body and hobbies in French.

We have all worked so hard over the last few weeks, so, Mrs Sutcliffe has arranged for us all to have a weeks holiday! We are all looking forward to a good rest. We are hoping that Mr Johnson will let us come back to school soon but if not we will still have lots of fun from home on our live lessons.