Year 4 Snapshot of the Week

The Year 4 children have impressed Mrs Lowde and Mr Harrison with all their efforts with learning this week – at home for most, and in school for a few.

In geography, the boys and girls have really enjoyed producing their own treasure maps using the trusty ‘teabag effect’ to make their work look authentically old! They came up with their own designs for their islands, including features such as unicorns, snow and sweets. The children included a compass rose and a key to help Mrs Lowde find the buried treasure on their maps.

In art lessons, Year 4 have been studying the artist, Romero Brittain. They have created their own ‘Pop Art’ portraits and, as part of our Mental Health Awareness week, the children were encouraged to ‘express themselves’ through their portraits.

The boys and girls have been learning how to create tables on word processing programs in their computing lessons. They made rotas for a cake sale using techniques such as adding rows and columns, and investigating which fonts would be most effective.

Well done, Year 4, for all your hard work!

E.Lowde, P.Harrison