Year 5 Trip to Tatton Park

On their trip to Tatton Park the Year 5 children travelled back in time to 1536, when the Tudors lived.

They entered the great hall with a roaring fire where they met three Tudors who asked them questions and accused the children of being witches for knowing the future of Tudor events, and also because the girls could read when they shouldn’t be able to!

The children learnt about deer and antlers and found out that antlers are made of bone and hair cartilage and they also discovered the difference between hinds and stags. Together they worked out the age of the deer by counting the points on the antler and even had the opportunity to hold the antlers to find out how heavy they were.

There were interesting stories about the challenges of Tudor life, the games the children played and the daily work the people had to do, like winnowing to get flour from wheat.

It was a very interactive and fascinating day and the pupils had a fabulous time. Thank you to everyone at Tatton Park who made the visit so exciting and informative.