Year 6 Celebration Assembly

6M say goodbye to Beardwood House

6M said goodbye to Beardwood House in their celebration assembly this afternoon. They reminisced about their time at the Boys’ Junior School and shared memories from all stages of their lives there.

From arriving with Mrs Daley in Year 3 and being the youngest boys in the school to Mr Harrison’s infamous spelling tests in Year 4. Whilst in Year 5 they had to translate Mrs Butler’s Irish accent and more recently, in Year 6, they have enjoyed getting to know Mr Haworth and affectionately joking with him about his lack of hair!

IMG 2927

It was lovely to see so many parents in attendance and they enjoyed a lovely tea party after the assembly had finished.

IMG 2931 IMG 2933

Boys, you have been a wonderful year group and we wish you well in your next step to Senior School.