Year 7 Team Building Day

Today our Year 7’s have been taking part in a Team Building Day as part of their first week introduction to the Senior School.

On a beautiful sunny morning, students were split into their form groups and assigned various tasks and challenges set by their teachers called ‘Ice Breakers’, ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Challenge’ and ‘Trust’. These activities focused on students using their teamwork and communication skills complete the task.

The Group Juggle was one of the ‘Ice Breaker’ tasks, and involved the students using their coordination and communication skills to pass a ball round in a circle to their neighbour without dropping it. They needed to call out the name of the person they were passing it to until everyone had caught the ball in the circle.

The ‘Challenge’ tasks, began with the students working together to recreate a sinking boat situation in Life Raft. Marble Run saw them attempt to successfully get a marble to pass along their pieces of plastic piping without being able to touch anybody else’s. They had to try and let the marble run twice the entire length of their piping without touching it on the way. Once the marble had passed their piece of pipe, students had to run round to rejoin the other end of the line to carry on. It was a tough challenge and it definitely kept them on their toes, with some groups managing to complete a successful run!

The ‘Problem Solving’ and ‘Trust’ tasks involved students working together to solve various problems. The ‘Trust’ tasks were especially tricky, with students wearing blindfolds whilst being guided through the woodlands within the school grounds by staff using their voices, in activities called, Shepherd & Sheep and Blind Trail.

All students were glad to receive their packed lunches which they ate outdoors, before completing the second part of the induction day later on in the afternoon.