Year 7 Trip to the Catalyst Museum

Year 7 enjoyed a fun filled day at Catalyst, a Chemistry museum in Widnes, on Friday with the Chemistry department.

The group watched the ‘Flash Bang Show’ where they saw colour changing chemicals, chemicals bursting into flames and  flowers being frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Then afterwards, they took part in a workshop called ‘showering with surfactants’ where they learnt all about the how shower gels and shampoos work and then got to make their own to take home with them. It was like being in a potions lesson at Hogworts!

There were A LOT of stairs to get to the observatory but were rewarded by amazing views and lots of hands on exhibits.

Finally they spent time in ‘The Galleries’, another hands on area full of lots of exciting exhibits to play with. They particularly liked the long tubes with jets of air in that they could put silk scarves in and watch them fly around! A great time was had by all!