Year 8 Chester Zoo Trip

On Thursday before half term, the whole of Year 8 went on the annual Biology trip to Chester Zoo, to study adaptations of animals to their environment.  This is a very popular trip, with many staff offering to accompany us.

The weather did not let us down and we saw many of the animals, although some were snoozing in the shade or hiding inside where it was cooler.

During the day, each class had an interactive lesson with one of the tutors at the zoo, to discuss adaptations and how they evolved over millions of years.

They studied animal skulls, to work out whether they were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores and designed their own animal adapted to a specific environment.

We were also reminded that the 500 species of animals at the zoo are all endangered, to some extent, and Chester zoo works with zoos all over the world, swapping animals, to maintain genetic diversity and prevent extinction.

Everyone took lots of photos, trying to get the perfect entry for the photo competition, judged by Mrs Horner.

We look forward to next year’s visit and further episodes of ‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ which keeps us up to date on all of the developments at Chester.