Year 8 Enterprise Day

Identifying and marketing products for Wesites

An excellent day was had by all as Year 8 took part in the annual Enterprise Day. They were tasked with identifying and marketing products for the school shop, Westies. The groups came up with many innovative ideas including sports packs, the hire of footballs and the winning team’s idea of a phone charging station. Well done to all those involved, particularly, staff from James Hall Ltd and Governor, Mr Anderson, for helping throughout the day and giving valuable feedback to students.

IMG 1229 IMG 0073

Groups competed to win three categories and congratulations went to the following teams:

Group 8 – Winners of the video
Group 3 – Overall winners
Group 4 – Winners of the write up (please read their entry below)

“At first, we didn’t know what to expect because it was something new to us. We were surprised because we had learnt a lot by the end of the day even though we had never done this before.

When we started the activities it was quite hard to work as a group because we were working with the boys as well and, as we aren’t used to that, it was difficult to work together. However, as the day progressed, we learnt to work together and complete different activities.

In our group’s opinion, we used many different skills today including: communication, teamwork and thinking outside the box. These skills were very useful for completing the activities.

IMG 1234

We found calculating the prices a real challenge as well as portraying our creativity onto paper.

We would do this again because we take for granted that teamwork is necessary to create great things as there is no I in TEAM.

If we did business studies in Sixth Form we would love to help Year 8 students as we would use our skills from today in later life.”