Yr 7 Hothersall Lodge Trip

Yr 7 took turns to take a trip to Hothersall lodge outdoor centre this week.

The theme was working together and they all rotated around a series of tasks that required organisation and teamwork.

Mrs Brown oversaw the team building activities and the pupils learnt how to organise themselves into a slick, efficient unit (sort of).  Orienteering was run by Mr Carter who spent half the task showing the pupils how to find their way around the grounds and woodlands with a map and then the other half trying to find them again.

The centre then provided their own personnel to help with a low ropes course, which saw fantastic acrobatic moves by some pupils as the ropes decided to go their own way when stood upon and finally the last group went looking round the various ecosystems and learning about the biology of the area.

The weather made it all the more challenging and many looked like they were going to need a weekend to dry out and clean up but overall there were lots of laughs and smiles which the rain could not wash away.

A great time was had by all!