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Bursaries and Scholarships


One of the Governors main objectives is to make a Westholme education financially available to as many as possible. To that end the tuition fees charged by Westholme are amongst the lowest in the country. However there are still some parents whose income prevents them considering Westholme for their children and for those situations the Governors make further provision through Governors' Bursaries.


These are normally available only to pupils entering Year 7. If parents' relevant income exceeds £40,000 per annum then it is most unlikely an application will be successful. The award is based on relevant family income tempered by performance at the Entrance Examination. Normally a Governors' Bursary award will not exceed 50% of fees. All applications must be supported by a financial statement completed on a proforma available from the Finance Office and coupled with documentary evidence of income. Other normal charges such as lunches and optional extras such as coach travel and indivdual music tuition, also need to be taken into consideration. Although offered on an annual basis, the expectation is that an award will run for the whole time a pupil is at Westholme, assuming little change in financial circumstances and satisfactory progress by the pupil concerned. 

Each year bursaries are reassessed and parents will be required to submit an annual declaration of income and assets. A family may be eligable for bursaries for two or more children simultaneously.

If you want to apply for a bursary, you should tick the relevant box on the School Application Form. It needs to be emphasised that an application does not automatically guarantee an award. A successful application may involve a home visit to confirm domestic and financial circumstances. If you require any further information on bursaries, please do not hesitate to contact the Fees Secretary on: feessecretary@westholmeschool.com


Westholme Scholarships are available at the Principal's discretion to award excellence and potential in a variety of areas.

Entry into the Senior School (Year 7)

Academic scholarships of up to 15% of termly fees are available for award to 11+ pupils each year following the results of the Entrance Examination, interview and reference from the relevant primary school and on other talents as identified by the Principal. 

Music scholarships are available for award to 11+ pupils following a music audition. The maximum award for each scholarship is 10% of termly fees. These awards are conditional upon the continued commitment of the recipient to the musical life of the School.

Entry into the Sixth Form (Year 12)

A number of scholarships are available at Year 12 entry to recognise academic excellence, or excellence in Art & Design, Drama, Music or all round ability. The amount will be at the Principal's discretion.

High standards of conduct, assumption of responsibility and a strong work ethic will be expected from all students and the scholarship could be withdrawn if such conditions are not kept. Parents who, for financial reasons, would want to seek an award in excess of 15% should their daughter or son be awarded an academic scholarship may also apply for a bursary. Further details on scholarships are available for the Principal's Secretary:principal@westholmeschool.com


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