Westholme Crest
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:35

Super Student!

 The nominees for Super Student were:
Year 7
Alisha Ansar
Lola Baron
Daniel Fraser-Clarke
Boh Greenwood
Alex Jones
Clarke Kobelt
Year 9
Eve Sulway
Rebecca Burke
Mia Salisbury
Lexie Lord
Fraser Burns
Anna Heeley
Year 10
Darcey O’Brien
Dominic Naylor
Saoirse O’Neill
Isabelle Shaw
Adam Natha
Ben Rooney
Sana Hassan
Eve Whittle
Luke Gallacher
Year 11
Kiersten Keogh
Sophie Dunbar
Phoebe Waddicor
Year 12
Layaan Patel


And the winner was Saoirse O’Neill from 10W. She was nominated for all her efforts on the Peace Charter, including representing the school during the Easter holidays and presenting the Peace Charter to members of the Council. She also inspired some of our Junior School pupils to do good deeds when helping Mrs Horner with an assembly at Beardwood Bank. Well done, Saoirse!


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